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Alexandre Chapon
Chargé relations entreprises
T : 04 246 62 65 | Mail

Sandrine Vanaubel
T : 04 382 45 04 | Mail

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  • Du 06/11/2017 au 10/11/2017 -

> Formations  Energie et environnement / Energie éolienne

Basic composites repair

Type de formation :  | Participants : 16  | Durée : 5 jours

> Objectifs

The module enables participants to identify, assess and document damages to basic GRP structures and also to carry out repairs according to industry standards and document the repair work. Key elements typicial fibre reinforced construction and the materials used, followed by the selection of appropriate repair measures and their reliable performance.

This training has an emphasis on wind trubine rotor blade and can even allow you to obtain a BZEE blade repair certificate.

The composites repair training will give you insight into:

  • What are composites and why are they used in many industries
  • Practice different building methods with composites
  • Use vacuum methods for building and repair
  • Practical ability to do structural repair
  • Practical ability to do cosmetic repairs
  • Practical ability to do Leading protection maintenance and repair
  • Document your repair and give advice on maintenance and repair

> Public

This training is the basic for anyone wanting to work in the field composites and composites repair at a Bachelor 3 level.

> Prérequis

Successful completion of the rotor inspection training or composite basic theory training (no BZEE certificate)

> Programme

The training consist of 5 days of mostly practical training :

The first 2 days
After a short introduction of the trainer and the participant we will start by introducing the health and safety aspect of composites repair as well as the risks involved with working with chemicals.

The rest of these two days will be dedicated to an introduction to composites, working with moulds and sandwich materials. We will also perform exercises using vacuum pumps and make you familiar with good working protocols.

Days 3 and 4
Now that you know the basic we will demonstrate and practise repairs on actual composite structure material. We will start with basic coating repair and move to structural damage repair

Days 5 and 6
Now you are on your own. Under supervision of the trainer and asking him advices you will perform repairs as demonstrated before. During this phase of the training the trainer will assess your competency level.

In this training, the participant is central. We want you to get involved and explain your background, interest and knowledge of compositer.
Health and safety will be a key and we want you to make as many hours as possible working yourself or in a small team on the repairs.

This training is certified by epoMAT and under conditions BZEE and complies to their ROT-1 module.
The assessment is a requirement to obtain this certificate. The duration of the certificate is permanent.

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