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Alexandre Chapon
Chargé relations entreprises
T : 04 246 62 65 | Mail

Sandrine Vanaubel
T : 04 382 45 04 | Mail

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  • Les 23/10/2017 et 24/10/2017 -

> Formations  Energie et environnement / Energie éolienne

Composites basics

Type de formation :  | Participants : 16  | Durée : 1 jour

> Objectifs

The module gives participants the basic knowledge of fibre reinforced composites materials and fabrication. Key elements include materials and properties knowledge, fabrication methods and basic design considerations. The participants will obtain a general knowledge allowing them to start performing work with composites. Participants will be made aware of the health and safety consideration around composites.

After completing this training you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the concept of composites materials
  • Manage the health and safety aspect of a working with basic composites
  • Understand the properties of the most commons materials used in composites
  • Recognise different methods of production
  • Understand and choose basic design methods
  • Be able to estimate the quality of a composite design

You will gain the required knowledge which will start you on your way to become a composite specialist.

> Public

This training is meant for people having no knowledge of fibre reinforced composites and wanting to gain the basics.
The knowledge gained during this training will allow you to assess designs or products made using composites as well as gaining understanding of the possibilities and limitaion of the materials.
This training is the fundament to start practical trainings on how to use composites to start working on personla project or in the industry.

> Prérequis


> Programme

The training consist of one day of interactive theory with practical example.

After a short introduction of the trainer and the participant we will start by introducing the general definition and aspects of composites.

We will then discuss the main resin used in the industry as well as their basic chemistry and properties.

We will then discuss the main type of reinforcement used in the industry and then discuss some of the main production methods used to build composite products.

We will then discuss the risks and helath hazard involved with working with composites and how to minimise them.

Access to the online epoMAT academy
The participant will get access to the E-learning modules “Intro to composites”and “Health and safety with composites” from the epoMAT academy.
These modules will remain accessible even after the duration of the course and will allow the participant to review the lesson materials at his/her own tempo.

This training is certified by epoMAT and has a validity of 3 years.

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