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Alexandre Chapon
Chargé relations entreprises
T : 04 246 62 65 | Mail

Marie Pécasse
T : 04 382 45 51 | Mail

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> Formations  Energie et environnement / Energie éolienne

Rotor blade inspection

Type de formation :  | Participants : 16  | Durée : 2 jours

> Objectifs

The module enables participants to identify, assess and document damages to rotor blades. Key elements include a range of rotor blade access techniques, blade construction and deployed materials and the tools for diagnosing blade damage. Participants are made aware of the hazards encountered in working on and inside rotor blades.

> Public

> Prérequis

Vocational training in mechanics or electrical engineering, Basic knowledge of wind turbine technology

> Programme

  • Specify order of procedures for working on and in rotor blades
  • Describe the construction of rotor blades and the materials used
  • Outline the range of blade access techniques
  • Explain and describe diverse types of damages to rotor blades
  • Name tools and devices needed for the inspection of rotor blades
  • List the order in which damage is documented
  • Outline possible hazard encountered in working on and in rotor blades
  • Demonstrate how to de-energize the turbine
  • Select and apply a range of blade access techniques and turbine-specific inspection procedures
  • Select and apply inspection diagnosis devices and tools to determine scope of blade damage
  • Identify and document various kinds of blade damages
  • Apply precautionary measures when working in confined spaces

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